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Carmen & Luisa told us a bit more about the first show they curated together, IRL, coming up at Ugly Duck.

The awesome Carmen & Luisa AKA Carmen Vinuela and Luisa Gonzalez work predominantly in video installations, performance, sculpture, 3D animation, and collage. Their main topic of interest is how the fluid part of reality is shaped and constructed through different languages and images. 
We caught up with them for our blog. 

Hey, I hope you guys are well, first question for you is, what’s IRL? How did the idea take birth

IRL is a group exhibition that addresses the way technology is creating a new definition of what means to be human. The acronym stands for the term In Real Life, a clarification that is becoming necessary to make lately.

We are very interested in observing how society is developing through the new features brought about by the technification of human beings. We wanted to curate a show reflecting the topic from different points of view. 

You guys graduated from Chelsea Art College last year, how is life after art education !? 

Life after college is tough. There is a process of adaptation to the world outside the institution. We first realised how hard is to work not having the facilities and the support from the tutors. Eventually, things take shape again.

What do you hope to achieve with this event? 

We see this show as a starting point to generate conversations about the open possibilities of the concept of a new humanity, which we find very exciting.

On the event IRL you both are curators, producers, and artists, how is this process

It is very challenging but gratifying at the same time. We are learning a lot and we are enjoying this process quite a lot. It is like opening a new door.

Could you tell us more about the artists you selected for this show? 

For this show we have selected people that we have had conversations related with posthuman topic during this years, people that maybe think very similar or quite the opposite but with a rich body of work and a strong opinion. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer us, and we can’t wait to see what you are preparing for Ugly Duck. 

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